Growing Food, Growing Community

About Us

Flagstaff Foodlink cultivates and celebrates local, healthy, equitable, and resilient food systems in our community.

Flagstaff Foodlink offers strong educational, organizational and fundraising tools to the exciting, emergent local food movement in the greater Flagstaff community. Flagstaff Foodlink believes there are abundant opportunities to connect farmers, ranchers, restaurateurs, food distributors and sellers, the general public, community organizations, and the governments of the City of Flagstaff and Coconino County into a food network to encourage local economic self-sufficiency, community and individual health, greater food security, and energy-conserving agricultural practices. Flagstaff Foodlink offers an organizational body through which to catalyze profound change in the way we produce, consume, and value local foods here in Flagstaff.

Flagstaff Foodlink provides gardeners and community members a way to connect to nature and each other, while at the same time providing access to local, nutritious food through two community gardens, Bonito Street and Izabel Street. Community gardeners in 80 plots grew over 3 tons of produce last year alone, some of which was donated to our local food bank.

Flagstaff Foodlink’s support of thirteen school gardens allows students of all ages to get their hands dirty, learn first-hand where their food comes from, and experience the wonder and joy of growing food. Planting fruit trees, vegetable starts or edible flowers and herbs require dedicated and knowledgeable instructors and leaders. Flagstaff Foodlink extends valuable information and knowledge to K-12 teachers through curriculum development, teacher trainings, and hands-on learning in many schools.